Smooth Hair with our Keratin Treatment


Brasil Cacau, is an amazing hair smoothing treatment. It is a reconstructive treatment that smooth’s curly or frizzy hair, leaving you with a manageable, silky and brilliant finish.  This service will also help repair over-processed and chemically damaged hair. Rebuilding the hair shaft and helping to restore your hair to its original youthful look.  All this whilst providing an amazing and lasting smooth finish that lasts for three to five months. The unique Brasil Cacau formulation can be used on any hair type and with most treatments.  No intensive pre-treatments are necessary before the reconstructive service.  It can also be used on coloured or chemically straightened hair, making it beneficial for any hair type. It is 100% free of damaging and toxic formaldehyde, so you can rest easy knowing that the service is completely safe whilst making nightmarish hair history.   How does it work?

The acid H(2.8) of Brasil Cacau Keratin and the heat of the straightening iron are responsible for fixing the formula’s active ingredients into the hair. It realigns the cuticles.